Get Ready to be a Gourmet in Hong Kong?

You will taste something beyond food itself in Hong Kong, such as delicacy, fresh, nature and even life. Get ready to be a gourmet in Hong Kong?

Taste Delicacy – Congee in “Fuk Kee” (104-106 Fa Yuen Street Mong Kok)

I lost my way in Mong Kok just for a bowl of congee in “Fuk Kee”, a typical Hong Kong Cafe. At a glance, this packed, non-appealing, neighborhood-style cafe was a little filthy with dog-eared menu and stained glass window. But the blemished first image was immediately overwhelmed by its signature food-congee and steamed rice roll.


To be a gourmet, keep the GOLDEN RULE in your mind– order one dish that could be found in any other restaurant and then you will taste the difference and find the best. I did so. Minced pork congee with preserved egg, a type of no-more-than-average congee even offered in KFC China. It was presented in a broken bowl but filled with surprises. First surprise was its authentic soup base plus minced pork marinated with lots of effort. Second surprise, I bet the secret recipe is FRESH scallop. Third surprise, it’s only 16 Hong Kong Dollar (around 2 Australian Dollar), absolutely world’s best-value congee. That would be a perfect match if you side the congee with a dish of steamed prawn rice roll. A couple of big savory prawns were wrapped in the roll, sprinkled with soy sauce. You can even see the pink of prawns. Oh, no, it isn’t food any more! It is a piece of art that could be named “carnelian wrapped by white jade”.

Steamed Rice Roll

Taste Fresh in “Hee Kee” (392 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai)

Hong Kong seafood is famously fresh. Simple techniques such as steaming and stir-frying allow the ingredients to retain their delicate and well-balanced flavors. Splurge on “Hee Kee”, and probably you will meet Jackie Chan there. Absolutely, the restaurant is famous of not only many entertainment celebrities as regular customers but also its seafood. Corbicula soaked with white pepper soup, perfectly mixed the flavor of corbicula and spicy of white pepper. Fried Bombay duck (It is a kind of fish, not duck) is melted on your tongue like cream only companied by spiced salt.

Fresh Seafood

Taste nature -Sesame smoothie in “Tai Leung Pak Kee” (G/F, 43 Parks Street, Jordan)

Remember saving stomach for sweet soup and stop by “Tai Leung Pak Kee”. Analogically, you can find a dessert place in Hong Kong as easily as you find a café in Melbourne. Homemade sesame smoothie is the hero product, no additives, no flavorant, no starch, only fresh sesame with cream that spoils you with mouthful of natural pure flavor. Fuel up on another hit, creamy beancurd with mixed fruit. It sounds wired try but absolutely worthwhile to take the risk.

Sesame Smoothie

Taste Life –Chilled Milk Tea with Chicken Pie in “Kam Fung” (41 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Chai)

Yum-Cha is world famous but Hong Kong is the home to Yum-Cha. What a surprise! Hong Kong people take six meals a day, from dim-sum (morning tea), afternoon tea and midnight snack, plus breakfast, lunch and dinner. For afternoon tea, just take away the combo of chilled milk tea and fresh-out-of-the-oven chicken pie in Kam Fung. Perfect balance of milk, black tea and light cream make the tea thick and rich, with a sweet aftertaste. Chicken pie is soft with a lovely crispy topping – possibly ONE OF the crispiest I’ve ever had – and it was surprisingly filling.

Chilled Milk Tea

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