CoolDocks, Cool Shanghai-Satiate all your senses

CoolDocks is a new loft area located along the Bund in Shanghai (No.505 Middel Zhongshan Road). The place was a port in old Shanghai. But now, galleries, café, restaurants, pubs and clus, and gift shops scatter in the area. CoolDocks has been packaged to be a place similar to Xin Tian Di (a club area in Downtown), but I believe that it will outperform due to its business diversity.

Old Port


New Port-The CoolDocks

San Gui Tang (Tea & Shanghai Traditional Desserts), a traditional Chinese teahouse, has reflected the classic style of south of Yangzi River with homemade desserts, creative fine snacks. The teahouse was decorated with different kinds of antiques. You will experience the classic & rustic of Chinese  tea culture. 

San Gui Tang Teahouse

Dockside Restaurant (local delicacy) is very Shanghai-style with authentic local dishes and decorated with Shanghai Traditional rustic “Shi Ku Men” style decoration, leading to tracing back to old Shanghai memories.

Dockside Restaurant

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