Business Executives’ Challenges of being E-savvy

Change Management

The article about Rupert Murdoch’s speech reminded me something of the brand review last year. I think that Rupert’s warning is not only to editors and journalists, but also to all marketers around the world.

On the brand review, the CEO of Yum! China Division, Sam Su suddenly found that he was totally being isolated from Internet world. Because when a colleague from consumer insight (CI) department was updating the online media tools and quoting some popular words being used online, Sam found that he was absolutely clueless. Sam is an executive who has strong execution and is always achieving breakthrough results with strong down-to-the-earth spirit. He asked the colleague a lot in the ballroom and then, he turned around, asked the other executives or senior level managers whether they’ve heard of these words, such as “freedamn”(Freedom with Chinese charateristics) or “vegeteal” (some funny game on SNS websites). Surprisingly, those managers or directors had no idea about that as well. Sam sensed something. Something could be why these high level staff members are so insensitive about the fashion stuff what is exactly our target consumers-the teenagers and young adults are interested in. Then he made following decisions and requested relevant departments to follow-up.

1)      Review online media, and re-allocate the budget, see whether we have buffer for online advertising launch

2)      Study more about SNS websites such as Kaixin001 and Renren

3)      Monthly review on Internet industry

4)      Strategic alliance with online video websites such as Youtube,  Tudou, and Youku

Sam made a brief conclusion in the end of the brand review.

“Frankly, we are too far away from our customers. Their perspectives on media are changing rapidly and began to rely much more on internet instead of traditional media. We need to understand their media behavior by logging on the online social networks they are logging on everyday, watching the popular videos they are watching, surfing the websites they are surfing, and even talking in the way they are talking. They can sit in the chairs in front of the laptops, spending the whole day. What can we do? Get closer to them and consider each marketing campaign from their viewpoints.”

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One Response to Business Executives’ Challenges of being E-savvy

  1. Nicely written. But, if all marketers will completely change their views and turn into their customers spending days in front of their laptops youtubing videos, who is gonna turn into marketers? 🙂

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