Be a Fan of Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is running an online marketing campaign in China. The campaign has collected all the details of the brand promotion happening in China, including print ads design, video clip in shooting house, and the final artwork (FA). It occurred to me the typical case analysis taught in ads design class several years ago. Print ads design of Absolut Vodka delivers the consist brand message of emotion and passion, targeting to be a leading brand in liquor market. I don’t drink a lot, but I love the brand print ads design and want to share with everyone. The design I have collected is segmented in four series-Geography, China Campaign, Creative Selling Points, Fabulous retouching skills.Series One-Geography

Series One – Geography

This series displays print ads geographically. Absolut vodka has chosen the classical architecture or characteristics of these cities and integrated the bottle shape with those characteristics. For example, Rome with the little motorcycle, which reminds me of Rome Holiday; Geneva with the inside part of the clock or watch, which represents that the city is famous for its clock or watch building, Beijing with the opera mask. 

Geographic series

Series Two -China Campaign 

The idea of China Campaign generated from Monkey King, a monkey that can transfer into 72 shapes, similar to Transformers, indicating that Absolut Vodka in China market has more flavors. 

China's campaign

Series Three-Creativity

Absolut Vodka is famous for its extremely creative print ads design. Following two collections fully represent the intelligence of brand’s marketers and its advertising agency-TBWA

Creativity One

Creativity Two

Series Four – Retouching Skills

Retouching is a crucial part of print ads. Nature gives us beauty. Artists enhance it, and retouching is a way of the enhancement. Following collection displays the fabulous retouching skills. 

Retouching Skills

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2 Responses to Be a Fan of Absolut Vodka

  1. Catherine Muir says:

    What great ads! My favourites? Absolut Brussels, Absolut Appeal, Absolut Wonderland. The brand is absolut(ely)! consistent and is instantly recognisable, they do much with one word. Thanks for giving us such a colourful post!

  2. Awesome. These brand marketers reallt think outside the box (or the bottle). it reminds me the series of ads by Nokia, where you could see Nokia phones engraved worldwide.

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